Tours & Excursion in Nepal

Tours & Excursion in Nepal Nepal is the dreamland of the tourists and it invites, welcomes, charms and bewilders the visitors. Those who have already visited Nepal cherish the desire for a second visit and those who have heard or read about the Himalayan kingdom make a plan to visit the country.

Nepal is also melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist culture and it serve as an unique example of tolerance and brotherhood. Many festivals of religious significance are celebrated commonly with equal enthusiasm by both the sects and there is the co-existence of all the other religious. Kathmandu and Patan contain a wide variety of temples, shrines, monasteries and medieval pagodas.

Right outside the city are numerous chances to enjoy a glimpse of rural village life the way it has been for hundreds of years. We offer opportunities for guided treks around the country with a knowledgeable and friendly trekking guide.

We also have programs designed for touring the famous religious and cultural sites of Nepal including rafting, Jungle safari and little trek. Tours are led by our knowledgeable and certified guides. Personal transportation is provided and all tours are private. So please let us introduce you to our home and history in Kathmandu.

Here are some options for guided tours in Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and other important part of the Country. These are various packages designed to give you a variety of cultural experiences during your tour. Here in below some popular tour packages for those who wants to know about real Nepal.

Nepal Popular Package Tours