Peak Climbing in Nepal

For the more adventurous traveler, there are 18 minor peaks open for Alpine climbing under Nepal Mountaineering Association. The climbing of these peaks is controlled under the rules & regulations formulated by this Association. Detailed information & application for climbing permits are available from the Association’s Office or contact your trekking Agency in Kathmandu; who have member of Nepal Mountaineering Association. It should be noted that in most cases the climbing of these minor peaks (Trekking Peaks) required snow and Ice climbing experience.

peak climbingFor the permit you should apply for the permit through the trekking agency & you should have climbing guide otherwise permit is not issued. Trekking agencies provide qualified & trained climbing guides to take non climbers for convenience, safety & expected successes. By Himalayan standards these are considered minor peaks, but in fact some of them provide relatively challenging snow and Ice climbing of high standard, & more so in Winter. The royalty for these peaks ranges from 150.00 US$ to 300.00 US$ depending on the particular peak for up to 10 member climbing team.

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Major Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) allowed climbing in these peaks:

All Trekking Peak's Information

NMA Trekking Peaks Divided Into Group A Group B
Easy Access

Group "A" NMA Peaks

Name Of Peak Height Region
Mt. Cholatse 6440 m Khumbu
Mt. Machermo 6273 m Mahalangpur
Mt. Kyazo Ri 6186 m Mahalangpur
Mt. Phari Lapcha 6017 m Mahalangpur
Mt. Nirekha 6159 m Mahalangpur
Mt. Langsisa Ri 6427 m Jugal
Mt. Ombigaichen 6340 m Mahalangur
Mt. Bokta 6143 m Kanchenjunga
Mt. Chekigo 6257 m Gaurishankar
Mt. Lobuje West 6145 m Khumbu
Mt. Larkya Peak 6010 m Manaslu
Mt. ABI 6097 m Mahalangur
Mt. Yubra Himal 6035 m Langtang Himal
Mt. Chhukung Ri 5550 m Khumbu
Mt. Yala Peak 5732 m Langtang

Royaly for Group "A" NMA Peaks
Royalty for up to seven members (U.S. Dollars) Royalty for each additional member upto 12 person
500.00 100.00

Group "B" NMA Peaks

Name Of Peak Height Region
Hiunchuli 6441m Annapurna Himal, Gandaki
Singu Chuli (Fluted peak) 6501m Annapurna Himal, Gandaki
Mera peak 6654m Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Kusum Kangru 6367m Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Kwangde 6011m Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Chulu West 6419m Manang District, Gandaki
Chulu East 6584m Manang District, Gandaki
Imja Tse (Island Peak) 6160m Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Parchemuche 6187m Rolwaling Himal, Janakpur
Lobuje 6119m Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Ramdung 5925m Rolwaling Himal, Janakpur
Pisang peak 6091m Manang District, Gandaki
Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) 5663m Annapurna Himal, Gandaki
Khongma Tse (Mehra Peak) 5849m Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kamga) 5849m Langtang Himal, Bagmati
Pokhalde 5806m Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Mardi Himal 5587m Annapurna Himal, Gandaki
Paldor Peak 5896m Langtang Himal, Bagmati

Royaly for Group "B" NMA Peaks
Group Size Rate US$ Additional Per Person US$
1-4 Person 350.00 only  
5-8 Person 350.00 Plus 40.00(per person)
9-12 Person 510.00 Plus 25.00(per person)
Note: Maximum number of members in a team is 12.

Garbage Deposit for all 33 NMA Peaks refundable
An amount of US$ 250.00 should be deposited to NMA as garbage deposit to get permit to all 33 NMA peaks.