Is Nepal Safe to Travel?

Nepal is completely safe for Travel. Many travellers visit around the year, most of them fell very pleasure visiting to Nepal. So many people from western country, they got an experience that it is realities that this Himalayan country is very safer then most western cities, violent crime is virtually unknown, in the city area, it is safe to take taxis, cycle and walk the streets and alleys at night, Although women can be fell better secure with group specially in the night time out side the hotel in the street.

In the political condition, over the last decade Nepal has experience problems with infighting between the government and the maoists due to conflicting ideas and political disagreement though it’s a fact that con not be hidden that people got killed during this conflict but there is no record of any tourist or travelers being injured, killed or involved in anyway. In that time no one seems to have a negative attitude for tourists. Tourists have been always respective even in time while they were in the remote area. As of September 2007, there has been formally declared that conflict has been finished and there has been peace agreement made between the parties involved. But here is still very shameful occur happening by different embassies. In theirs travel advisories issued by some countries that there citizens are advised not to visit Nepal this may be the policies of respective governments but it does not reflect the reality in Nepal.

More over, in fact, Nepal, its birth place of Lord Buddha konwing as “Light of Asia” who led the word toward peace and tolerance. Naturally, Nepal is land of legend and tranquility. Nepal is a veil able mosaic of different ethnic group whose language cultures penetrated and settled the hills and valleys from the north, south, east and west, despite this diversity, Nepal has a tradition of harmony rather then conflict. Thats why we are always welcome to Nepal. When you visit to Nepal you will know it is most safer place in the world rather than western countries.